Vaadin Connect

March 15, 2019

An experiment with a secure stateless communication framework with built-in authentication and authorization support. An easy way to integrate a Java backend into a frontend application. Has a first-class support for TypeScript, and allows end-to-end type checking across the full stack.

public class GreeterService {
public String greet(String name) {
return String.format("Hello, %s!", name);
import * as GreeterService from './generated/GreeterService';
console.log(await GreeterService.greet(name));

See how it works

Try it out

The easiest way to start experimenting is using this starter project

$ git clone
$ cd base-starter-connect
$ npm install
$ npm start
The starter project requires Java Development Kit 8+ and Node 8+. Make sure you have them installed before starting the starter project.


This project is experimental and you probably should not use it in production application. Vaadin does not give any warranty, support or guarantees of applicability, usefulness, availability, security, functionality, performance etc.