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Java Developer
Front­-End Developer
Key Account Manager
Developer Advocate
Liferay Developer
Web Components Developer Advocate

Join a growing gang of 90 Vaadineers and change the world. Work will include speaking at conferences, building collaboration with other companies in the web development ecosystem and writing technical articles. You will be leading Vaadin's Web Components strategy in the international marketing team, working closely with Product Managers and the CEO.

Apply if you fulfill the following criteria:

  • You're a Web Components guru
  • You love browsers and client-side programming
  • You're an experienced conference speaker (include links to recorded speeches)
  • You have a BSc or higher University degree
  • US citizenship is a plus
  • You're excited to change the world of web development

We value new ideas and breaking the status quo. We shun bureaucracy and embrace developer friendliness but most of all, we're excited about what we do and how it will change the future.

We're launching something exciting for web developers. The title might give you a hint. Join our team in Bay Area, CA as a Developer Advocate.

After inspecting this announcement, email Fredrik for more information.

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Java Developer

We are currently looking for enthusiastic Java Developers to join our ranks in upcoming battles. Our flagship open source product, Java based Vaadin Framework, is currently experiencing a rapid worldwide adoption. Since its launch 3,5 years ago Vaadin has already conquered a the hearts of more than 100,000 developers worldwide, and we are hungry for more.

Would you be interested in being part of the next success story and leaving your mark in history? Join the Vaadin team!

What you can expect from us

We value technology and innovation over convention and status quo. We are all rich with ideas, ardent towards developing new and better solutions and love bending the limits of what is possible on the web. The organization is free from frivolous bureaucracy and assuredly developer-friendly. At Vaadin, you get to work with cutting edge technologies and pick the tools you need to succeed. We encourage you to put 10% of your working time into your personal projects that help moving Vaadin forward. We are truly proud - not only of the fact that our open source technology is used by thousands of developers worldwide, but also of our brilliant team. We boost our team spirit with work as well as fun related activities. We challenge and support you to grow as a professional in our creative, startup-like environment with customers all over the globe. Oh, and there are LAN parties, a game room and BBQ's!

What we hope you to bring us

Your relevant degree is equipped with strong and provable programming skills. We believe your interest and experience in Java, open source and web technologies will work towards your advantage. Because you are a team player, we know you'll fit our compact team creating peerless user experiences. We trust you to be as confident in close interaction with our customers, as you are writing kick-ass Java. Our operating market is global and our customers located around the world. Therefore, readiness to travel and fluency in English are pretty vital for your survival. The post is located in Turku Finland, and we offer a comprehensive relocation package should you need one.

Apply now by sending your application and resume to

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Front-­End Developer

We are experiencing a rapid worldwide adoption of our flagship open source product, Vaadin Framework, and are now looking for Front­End Developers to strengthen our team. We are seeking people who love technology and challenges, and have the ability to find good solutions to hard problems both independently and as a member of a team. You will get the chance to work in a creative, startup­like company with customers all over the globe.

What we are looking for

  • Strong skills in JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • Java skills are a big plus
  • Good social skills and team spirit
  • Fluent spoken and written English communication skills
  • Readiness to relocate to Turku, Finland

We offer

  • A chance to be a part of the Vaadin team and work with cutting edge technologies and tools
  • Excellent opportunities for career development in a growing and prosperous organization
  • Possibility of using 10% of your work on your own projects that help moving Vaadin technology or community forwards
  • A creative and friendly work environment with minimal bureaucracy
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary & benefits
  • Assistance for relocation if needed

Send your resume and a free application today!

For questions or more info don't hesitate to contact us at

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Liferay developer

Vaadin is growing rapidly and we're looking for you to join our community marketing team in helping us shape the website. You'll be working together with our graphical artist and marketing team of 9ppl.

We expect that you:

  • have experience from Liferay or are willing to learn more about it
  • know JavaScript, CSS and HTML
  • can turn Photoshop designs into lively sites such as
  • are able to relocate to Turku, Finland

You would be working with our Liferay portal so besides JavaScript and CSS you would also be using Java. Experience from Java is a plus. We're a young and dynamic team with a good work-life balance. You'll get to choose your own tools from hardware to software. Besides being young we also have huge benefits such as 10% of your time being able to put time into your personal projects that help Vaadin move forward, lounch coupons, sports vouchers, game nights, movie nights, BBQs etc. If you need in relocating to Turku, we'll help you all the way.

Do you want to sell sugar water for the rest of your life or change the world? Send your resume and a free application to

For questions or more info don't hesitate to contact us at

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Key Account Manager

Vaadin is a creative, 15 year old startup-minded company that is developing Vaadin Framework, a modern open source product for building amazing web applications. Our framework is currently adopted by more than 130 000 developers, and the user base keeps on growing. We are expanding into the opening web components market and seek high growth.

We have customers all over the globe including companies from Fortune 500 and STOXX 600 lists. All of the customers are software development teams to whom we sell services, support and tools that help them build awesome web apps using our technology.

We are now looking for a Key Account Manager to SF Bay Area, California.

As a Key Account Manager you will be part of an international sales team of 8 persons with the mission to turn happy developers into happy customers from the base of 130,000 developers using the open source Vaadin framework. Your product portfolio consists of product licenses, support subscriptions and consulting services. Vaadin is today a 90 person strong company with a $10M turnover per year.

You will be reporting to VP of Sales, working as a team with our other Key Account Managers, Sales Analysts and Consultants in Europe and the US.


  • Technical product and consulting sales in selected regions
  • Development and implementation of sales funnel and strategies
  • Account management in North America
  • Lead management
  • Supporting service deliveries
  • Supporting marketing activities

What we are looking for

  • Strong desire to succeed and positive attitude
  • Fluent spoken and written English communication skills.
  • Good spoken and written German communication skills considered as benefit.
  • Experience in software development or technical sales required
  • Good social skills and team spirit
  • Bachelor or Masters degree
  • US citizenship or green card

We offer

  • Possibility of being part of a small team that builds its business on a sizeable open source community
  • Combination of cheerful startup atmosphere and solidity of being in business for 15 years
  • A creative and friendly work environment with minimal bureaucracy and super open culture
  • Flexible working hours
  • Competitive salary, benefits and commission plan

The position in US is at Milpitas, CA. Assistance for relocation offered.

Interested? For more information contact Sami Kaksonen, (or +358 50 514 7169).

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There's always place for a talented professional like you!
We are proud to be one of the best workplaces in Finland. (GPTW Survey 2013)
Did you know that over 100,000 developers are using Vaadin?
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Use 10 % of the working time to create whatever you choose!
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Project Pundit
Superman of Sales
Marketing Magician
UX Design Guru
Climbing Developer
Peter Lehto
Project Pundit

I ended up at Vaadin because of all the interesting possibilities it had to offer. I'm lucky to have been able do so many things here as a Vaadin expert, project manager, consultant and now also as a team leader.

I'd say I'm open, willing to try new things and have a strong technological orientation. I feel passionate about software architecture and agile methods. As a project manager, good communication and organizing skills are essential. You need to be able to interact both with the client and your team and of course also get your team to interact with each other.

Because of my work I've also had a chance to travel a lot. I recently counted that last year I spent time in 13 different airports. I've been in Europe, the US and Africa. It was pretty exciting to give a speech to hundreds of people in a developer conference JMaghreb in Morocco!

It's great that you can actually influence what the company offers to its clients. I also want to have an influence on how people experience their own work – I think it's very meaningful that people enjoy what they do.

Why should you apply here? Vaadin is growing and constantly better known. It's an international open source Java house with a prominent product. If you want to do more than just the basic stuff, make your mark and go further in your career, this is the place.

If you want to do more than just the basic stuff, make your mark and go further in your career, this is the place.
Amir Al-Majdalawi
Superman of Sales

I came to Finland from Spain in 2011 to work in mobile services. My first encounter with Vaadin was a little later in a student fair held in Aalto University where Vaadin was recruiting. I talked to the VP of Services and went to a couple of interviews – and here I am!

I'm a part of the Global Sales team. Basically I take care of clients and sell Vaadin's expertise to companies worldwide. In my job you need to be social and open-minded to be able to both listen to and assist companies in a variety of topics mainly related to their different needs on building their web apps.

I would describe Vaadin as an awesome place to work: we have a lot of talented people here and the atmosphere is very open. Here you are able to get results. The management gives you real support and ensures that you are properly recognized and rewarded for what you do. They also genuinely believe in a proper balance between work and personal life. When I'm not at work, I'm enjoying life with my family: I have a wife and a baby girl.

Why did I come to Finland in the first place? Well, I was looking for an international experience and a great place to develop myself both professionally and personally. It's really rewarding to be able to save companies' time and money on software development and let them concentrate on their core business. At Vaadin you really feel you are contributing to something bigger!

The management gives you real support and ensures that you are properly recognized and rewarded for what you do.
Tanja Repo
Marketing Magician

How I came to Vaadin? A coder I know came to work at Vaadin and he seemed to like it so much that I asked if they needed a sparkling personality and a Jack-of-all-trades. The answer was yes. My responsibilities are marketing communication and its coordination. Vaadin has been missing a female user interface and that's what I am.

I enjoy working at Vaadin because of the youthful and open spirit, technology and co-workers. The work environment is really important to me: here you get to be who you are. The code is based on openness – just like the organization. This is a great policy.

The mood is really positive. My colleagues are hard-core coders, nerds, funny, different, ironic and helpful – a whole bunch of great personalities. I get to work with real rockstars!

I see Vaadin as more than just an open source technology: I see it as a company, a tool and an organization. Every day brings something new to the table. My time at Vaadin has been a learning experience. I've begun to understand the Java world and how user interfaces work.

In my free time I drive a Vespa LX 50, float in a swimming pool and watch too many films. I also have two cats called Lillis and Nanna-kissa. They drive me mad, but I love them anyway.

I believe you can learn from every person you meet. When you keep your mind open, success and other good things will come your way!

I see Vaadin as more than just an open source technology: I see it as a company, a tool and an organization.
Marlon Richert
UX Design Guru

Vaadin and I just "clicked": The company is small enough that I can remember everyone's name, the management is approachable and easy to talk with, and I'm given the freedom and responsibility to do my job the way I think is best. Those are really the most important qualities I look for in an employer.

As a designer, I'm responsible for the user experience and usability of the software I help build. This requires good communication skills to get the right information from clients. You also need to be able to take criticism and not be afraid to show what you are working on, even when it's not finished yet. It's just really essential for everyone involved to communicate often and well. Thankfully, though, our work environment also allows me to concentrate without distractions, as well as take regular breaks – two things that I find absolutely necessary in a job like this.

I'm an outgoing person and like to surround myself with people. Thus, I enjoy that Vaadin's hierarchy is low enough that I can play cards with the management during coffee breaks. I also help organize our company's LAN party three times a year, where people from all ranks of the organization get an equal opportunity to virtually blow each other to bits.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I moved to Finland in 2007 to look for an adventure. Instead, I found love and met my wife. We like living in Turku, because it's neither too small nor too big. In that way, it's very much like Vaadin.

I enjoy that Vaadin's hierarchy is low enough that I can play cards with the management during coffee breaks.
Jonni Nakari
Climbing Developer

I'm a sporty nerd who seeks new technologies. Earlier I worked in a smaller software company and studied IT in the university. A headhunter contacted me through LinkedIn and I got interested in developing my career at Vaadin.

During the first month I was in a training project, which was a good introduction to the tools. I also had a tutor. I currently work as a developer in a team of four guys in Services. Agile development is the key! In the future it would be interesting to widen my job description and get a chance to work in the R&D team or as a project manager.

In my work, I need versatile software knowledge, I have to learn what different browsers are capable of and how to create appealing user interfaces. I also need to understand the problems, think quickly and be eager to find solutions.

As a workplace Vaadin is open, skilled and constantly evolving. The work environment here is really good and in fact, Vaadin has been successful in many "Great places to work" listings. Another big reason for me to work here is the whole open source mentality.

Both my work and my most treasured hobby, climbing, offer interesting challenges. I have been climbing in Jordan, Åland Islands and the French Alps. I find new energy at the mountaintops!

As a workplace Vaadin is open, skilled and constantly evolving.
We believe in...

We keep everyone posted on what's going on and make it everyone's business. Everyone can participate, discuss and comment.

Team voice

We like to do things together. Every Monday we have a team meeting in which we tell what's new and everyone can comment and ask. And the discussion continues in the company Skype channels and G+ around the clock. Your opinion counts, you will be the one that makes what Vaadin is tomorrow.


You can use 10 % of working time to create something of your own choice.


We acknowledge that all work and no play makes Jack rather dull. We also have time for fun and games!


Our company hierarchy is low. Our management is as easy to approach as everyone. There is always time for you.


We know that the circumstances may differ from person to person. Need time to graduate? Take a thesis month. Need family time? Take some leave. Feel stuck in a routine? Let's find new challenges.


We are an international and multifaceted community. Our team comes from all over the world and speaks eight different languages natively. The company language is English. We appreciate you just the way you are.