Welcome to Vaadin Starter Projects

Dive into our diverse, ready-to-use templates for Plain Java, CDI, Quarkus, Gradle build, and more, designed to kickstart your Vaadin application project quickly. The project templates are for the latest Vaadin 24, but you can also find starters for older Vaadin 14 and Vaadin 23 versions here.

Different from the Spring Boot-based project builder at start.vaadin.com, these starter projects offer straightforward, varied options for quick setup.
For implementation examples of specific cases, see vaadin.com/examples-and-demos.


Explore the options and launch your development journey with Vaadin!

1. Click "Download" to save a zip file on you local machine

2. Extract the zip into your projects directory

3. Open IDE and choose "Import Maven project"

All source code is available in GitHub.

Vaadin 24:

Vaadin 23:

Vaadin 22:

Vaadin 14: