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Do you want to participate in the community, and help others like yourself use Vaadin? Great! Here you'll find some good starting points, and the best part is you'll learn so much at the same time.

Report issues

The easiest – and at the same time one of the most important – way of contributing is reporting issues you have with Vaadin. That is, annoying bugs, features that you would like to see or just general improvement suggestions.

The Vaadin GitHub is where issues are tracked. Please read the instructions before submitting tickets, to make the core development team happy and more likely to respond to your ticket.

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Create and publish add-ons

Is there a feature missing from the core? Sometimes it is faster to fix it yourself than wait for the core development team to do it. The great add-on and extension architectures in Vaadin allow you to easily include all sorts of awesome stuff on top of the Vaadin core.

Once you've written an add-on, why not share it with the rest of the community, so everyone can benefit?

How to create an add-on »

Contribute code to the framework

Being an open source project, Vaadin is open for patches. To see what issues are currently being worked on, and what things you could perhaps fix, see the project page in GitHub or ask from the team on our official Discord server.

How to contribute code to the Vaadin project »

Share a recipe for the Cookbook

Do you have a solution for a specific case when building apps using Vaadin? Share it with the community! 

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More ways to participate

  • Be helpful and nice to others.
  • Write tutorials and integration examples and share them in GitHub and your blog.
  • Share ideas and recommendations in your blog and post it to your social networks.
  • Answer Vaadin related question on StackOverflow or our Discord server.

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