What is the future of GWT?

Fredrik Rönnlund
On Jan 28, 2015 8:00:00 AM

Check out the results of our "the Future of GWT" survey and report that includes feedback from over 4000 individuals on the state and future of GWT.

Having run the Future of GWT survey for the past three years and gone through over 4000 individual replies and comparing these with each other, it is safe to assume that The Future of GWT Report 2015 is the most detailed report on GWT, maybe even on any web framework.

The GWT community is doing very well. We already knew that there are over 100 000 active GWT users worldwide and that Google is building huge applications on top of it, such as Inbox for GMail, but in order to get a better understanding of the community as a whole, we have been running an annual survey.

The newest report, based on the survey, is now fresh out of the oven. The report has been divided into the following sections:

  • About you, with information about the GWT developers and the community
  • Look at those Apps, with statistics about application size, mobile support, browser compatibilities, cloud usage and more.
  • Development time, with numbers on IDE usage, GWT versions and more
  • Other frameworks and GWT, comparing GWT usage to other framework usage
  • Rotten tomatoes and bacon covered rockets, listing the best and the worst in GWT.


Have a look at the report and read more. We’ve tried to make it as easy to skim through as possible.

Download the report
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