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Tanja Repo
On Mar 13, 2015 6:47:00 AM
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Vaadin Newsletter is our monthly status update of what is going on around Vaadin - every month we tell about the latest releases and upcoming events. In the newsletter we discuss how people are using Vaadin and reveal where we are heading.

Over 60 000 subscribers

To this date, we have published 38 issues of Vaadin Newsletter since January 2011, to a readership of 60 000. The newsletter takes a monthly snapshot of this quickly evolving technology and binds it together into a single, neat bundle of relevant information in a readable format. With Vaadin Newsletter you get the most important news from Vaadin, delivered to your inbox every month.

Vaadin is about the latest and greatest technologies, from Web Components to JavaEE and much more. However, there is a company behind the technology with real people working behind the scenes (believe it or not!) to make this technology as human-friendly and usable as possible. Developer UX is our number one priority. To see the human side of Vaadin, follow us on e.g. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

Each issue features a tie into the Finnish nature and a report on our technology, from product releases to community efforts. We also have a lot of enthusiastic photographers at Vaadin - most of the pictures used are taken by a Vaadin team member. We also tell you whenever you have the chance to meet us in person at conferences and trainings. There's always something new and interesting every month!

We'd like to think that the people make the technology and people are a part of nature. Thus the newsletter has always had a special place in our hearts – we hope you like it as much as we do. And if you haven’t subscribed, add yourself to the list today.


Tanja Repo
Tanja Repo is Vaadin's Marketing Magician which means her responsibilities are marketing communication and its coordination in all its glory. Tanja has vast experience around events and has worked with various software industry players. Technology has always been a mystery to her, that she wants to unveil. Loves to laugh, smile and drive around with her Vespa. You can follow her on Twitter – @RenjaTapo
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