Vaadin Charts 2.0 Released

Jonatan Kronqvist
On Dec 19, 2014 1:12:00 PM

We are proud to announce the brand new version 2.0 of Vaadin Charts. Along with lots of smaller fixes and updates in this release, there are now even more visualizations to choose from!

More chart types, more dimensions

Even if the data does not get better with new charts, there are ways to make your presentation look cooler. One of the most requested features has been 3D charts. Vaadin Charts 2.0 makes them possible.

The following new options can be used to add a third dimension to your column, pie or scatter charts: 

Options3d options3d = new Options3d();

Easy as usual

Using Vaadin Charts in your Java application is very easy. Just install the add-on and use the Charts Java API to configure a chart and bind your data to it. 

Here is a simple example to create a pie chart.

Chart chart = new Chart(ChartType.PIE);
Configuration conf = chart.getConfiguration();
conf.setTitle("Vaadin committers 2014");

final DataSeries series = new DataSeries("Commits");
series.add(new DataSeriesItem("Artur", 222));
/* ... rest of the items... */
series.add(new DataSeriesItem("Others", 959));

Combined with the 3D configuration above, you get something like this: 


Sample available in GitHub

Because everything is in Java you can easily externalize data and/or read values from different sources. Here for example the data comes from a Google Spreadsheet, and you can see app running here. Full source code for this setup is available in GitHub

Get it now!

Vaadin Charts is available in Vaadin Directory as an add-on for Vaadin. You can purchase a lifetime license for Vaadin Charts 2.x for $490 or subscribe to Vaadin Pro Tools starting at just $39/month including future major version updates. Naturally there is a free trial available so that you can try before you buy.

Try Vaadin Charts 2.0 now!
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