Vaadin's multilingual AI Form Filler helps developers build AI into business applications

Jonathan Langford
Jonathan Langford
On Aug 23, 2023 8:00:00 PM
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In today's fast-paced business landscape, recognizing the importance of time and productivity is key. Business application users often invest many hours each day interacting with their core applications. One of the most common and time-consuming tasks in business applications involves filling out forms. Utilizing AI to reduce the time that it takes to complete each form can have a significant benefit for business productivity. 

Vaadin's AI Form Filler makes it easy for developers to create business applications that automatically fill in forms from PDFs, receipts, emails, and chats in multiple languages, streamlining how users interact with forms. Vaadin's AI Form Filler enables developers to seamlessly incorporate this functionality into their systems, further enhancing the efficiency of application interactions. Now, developers can concentrate on meeting user requirements without becoming bogged down by implementation details.

Simplifying form automation

Developers recognize the potential of using large-language models, such as OpenAI's GPT, to extract information from unstructured text and automatically populate forms. However, determining the best approach and integrating this functionality into specific web applications can remain a complex task. The effort required to set up the appropriate prompt engineering and context to extract the relevant information from unstructured text can be significant. It is also time-consuming for developers to implement the logic to use the extracted data to fill in the many different types of UI components in their forms.

How it works

Vaadin’s AI Form Filler aims to simplify the process of automating form completion in multiple languages. It is a Vaadin add-on that converts unstructured text into structured data and then uses that data to fill out the fields in any form. 

AI Form Filler can be used for a wide variety of use cases, including

  • Adding PDF invoices in multiple languages to an ERP application.
  • Automatically creating an expense item from a scanned receipt.
  • Extracting information from an email to an order form.
  • Using a chatbot conversation to fill out a support ticket.
  • Filling out a standard application for employment from a CV or resume.

AI Form Filler sets up the appropriate context and prompts, and then connects to OpenAI using your API key, guaranteeing that you have control over data privacy. AI Form Filler also automatically maps the response from OpenAI to the appropriate fields in your target form.

Using AI Form Filler saves development time, enabling you to focus on getting AI-powered features to users more quickly. 

Even smaller software organizations and developers specialized in other areas can innovate and compete effectively with this tool at their disposal. 

Enhancing user experience

For end-users of business applications, the advantages can be compelling. AI Form Filler significantly reduces the need for manual data entry, saving valuable time and improving overall business efficiency. Additionally, the risk of errors that can evolve from manual transcription is reduced, ensuring data accuracy and reliability. AI Form Filler’s multi-lingual support caters to users across different countries and languages, making it an adaptable tool for global operations.

Navigating the future with Vaadin's AI Form Filler

Vaadin's AI Form Filler is currently available as an experimental feature that integrates with Vaadin Flow 24 or later versions. For more information, see our documentation.

Jonathan Langford
Jonathan Langford
Jonathan Langford joined Vaadin as Product Marketing Manager in April 2023. With a background in international product launches, Jonathan specializes in developing effective go-to-market strategies, coordinating sales tools, and implementing compelling value propositions to drive conversions and expand market share.
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