Vaadin Spring 1.1 is out

I’m pleased to announce that a new version of Vaadin Spring is released! The version 1.1 brings a major enhancement for Navigator and View handling, which shaves away a lot of boilerplate code from non-trivial applications that have multiple views.

Spring powered Navigator

The big new feature in Vaadin Spring 1.1 relates to using Navigator and Views in non-trivial Vaadin applications. The new version contains a SpringNavigator class that greatly simplifies the configuration of views.

There is also a new @SpringViewDisplay annotation that can be used to mark the target Vaadin component, where your views should actually be displayed. Together these two new features make it easier to create top level navigation (main layout, navigation and menu) to your non-trivial Vaadin applications.

See this example change set for how much the new API can actually simplify your Vaadin Spring code. Our Vaadin Spring documentation and Spring tutorial are also updated to showcase the new features.

A set of bugs squashed

We have also made a number of important bugfixes, prioritised by our Support customers.

One of the most relevant fixes is related to serialization of http sessions using Vaadin Spring. These fixes, which actually already landed in the 1.0.3 release, now allow using Vaadin Spring in applications which require a HA setup for hosting.

Too see the full set of changes, refer to the release notes and issues closed for milestone 1.1  in the github project.

Fully backwards compatible, upgrade now!

The new release is practically 100% backwards compatible with previous stable releases, so go ahead and upgrade your Vaadin Spring versions to 1.1.0. If you haven’t started your Spring + Vaadin project yet, see the recent Spring Boot webinar and head to, which already use the latest version!

Watch the latest Spring Boot webinar to get started

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Great work! Tnx Vaadin!
Is there a chance to integrate this in SpringRoo V2.0 addon also?
Posted on 11/10/16 10:36 AM.
Hello, is there it also support Portlet development such as IBM portal server or liferay?
Posted on 11/20/16 3:02 PM.
How can I use this example with Vaadin 8.1 and Liferay DXP. The problem is in the @JavaScrpit and @HtmlImport annotation. They try to read from a http and inside Liferay DXP the resources does not work that way (i.e., OSGi environment).
I tried every path available but it does not work. Any idea?
Posted on 8/18/17 12:51 AM in reply to Cap Ho.
Sorry wrong forum ignore my comment.
Posted on 8/18/17 12:52 AM in reply to Ricardo Legorreta.