Free Vaadin 8 Certification Week Digest

The Free Vaadin 8 Certification week officially ended on Sunday evening last week. During this past week over 1250 developers from our community signed up for the certification and tried to pass the examination. This was the strongest attendance during our free trial periods in the history of Vaadin!

40 questions from Server-side application basics over Components, to Data models and Themes had to be answered by the attendees and we are honored to see that over 270 people passed the Vaadin 8 Certification. Congratulations to all, you have truly proven your skills and expertise! As a reward we’d like to invite all of you to our 2017 Vaadin Dev Days.

If also you would like to take our examination and show your community, potential employers, and customers that you have the skills to be a true Vaadin Expert, then you can do this any time on our webiste. Try it out now or take part in our training programmes to learn, improve your skills and ensure that you’ll pass during your first try.

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If I may.

21% approval is something you have to rethink.
I did the test and I do not think I speak for myself: Questions that do not establish any real-life development process with Vaadin in the real world.
It only evinced that this certification has no relevance for hiring a java professional using Vaadin, but for someone who knows Vaadin's internal architecture and how it integrates with other technologies.
Well, my humble opinion, the knowledge that wants to be verified in this test will probably never interest me in having.
Still use this extraordinary tool and continue training on it, but a mere mortal not certified.
Posted on 9/16/17 6:06 PM.