Brian Gentile joins Vaadin's Board of Directors as Chairman

San Jose, CA, October 13, 2016 – Vaadin, the company behind the popular open source web application development tools, announces the appointment of Brian Gentile, as non-executive Chairman, to its Board of Directors.

Gentile, a veteran of a number of leading Silicon Valley companies, has held senior executive positions at Apple, Sun Microsystems, Informatica, Brio Software, and TIBCO. Prior to joining Vaadin, Gentile led Jaspersoft as CEO and Chairman from 2007 through 2014 and into its acquisition by TIBCO in April 2014.

"While our overall business has grown more than 30% each year for the past 10 years, our commercial product revenues are doubling each year," says CEO Joonas Lehtinen. "Brian's experience in building category-defining companies in the developer tools market brings us valuable insights that help us amplify product company DNA".

"I'm impressed with Vaadin's products and the market they're building, creating a successful open source business model that already reaches 150,000 developers," Gentile said. "Businesses everywhere are becoming more user-centric because the end-user application experience is increasingly dictating which software and web experience wins and loses. Vaadin's technology simplifies web development and has an opportunity to help lead the transformation of every business into a software business," he added.

In this role, Gentile joins existing Vaadin board members Patrik Hedelin, Heli Ahlroos, and Joonas Lehtinen, as well as deputy board members Jessica Mattson and Jurka Rahikkala.

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About Brian Gentile
Brian Gentile holds a Masters in Business Administration from Arizona State University. Prior to serving on the board of directors for a number of technology companies, he served as the Public Governor for the Pacific Stock & Options Exchange in San Francisco for a seven year tenure.

About Vaadin
Vaadin is the company behind the open source Vaadin framework, which is used by 40% of Fortune 100 companies and by more than 150,000 developers worldwide. The company's head count is 130 staff personnel located between Finland, Northern California, and Berlin. For further information on Vaadin tools, services, and career opportunities, please visit


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