Vaadin Healthcare

Being a spin off from the Finnish healthcare sector, we set on to create a world that made it easier for doctors, administrators and patients to collaborate.

We provide tools, components, and services for building modern web apps. Our main product is the open source framework, used by 150,000 developers worldwide and 40 percent of the Fortune 100. Founded as a spin off from the IT-Healthcare-industry, we are strongly connected to the industry and have a track record of successfully completed healthcare and medical projects.

Our highly secure architecture guarantees patient privacy and data safety. The Java Development Stack enables faster development. Your applications will run on all browsers and devices and the standardized component model ensures high usability.


Challenges in healthcare

While all of our healthcare customers are different, there are four similarities that are trending more than others:

Mobile Healthcare

Mobile support is taking healthcare by storm. Doctors seeing their patients' records on iPads or genetics based medicinal information on mobile. Today's' IT Solutions need to be accessible securely even though they are accessed from many different devices. These technologies also support to discharge patients from hospitals sooner thanks to new remote monitoring solutions.

Patient Data Security

Patient privacy and data safety are highly regulated and represent an area of liability to everyone involved. Both healthcare providers and solution providers need to find ways to ensure data security and privacy, including the security of remotely managed devices

Long Lifespans Applications

Large health-care applications have a lifetime of 20+ years and need to be maintainable and stay up to date with changes in technology. Apps written 10 years ago should work on today's mobile phones and developers should be able to change the application without having to learn the latest 1-year trendy way of building things.

Visualizing Big Data

Healthcare is more and more about big data from sensors and IoT devices, but making sense of it is more important than ever before. There's a strong need to visualize data to convey information accurately and quickly, at a glance, allowing deeper inspection on demand as required.

quotemarkThe hospital information system Clinixx® from AMC has been established on the German healthcare market for many years. From the outset, we have been using a web application developed in Java and have thus been a pioneer in this area. With Vaadin, we have found an ideal way to keep our product technologically up-to-date and to provide our users with a user interface that has so far only been possible with much more effort.

Alexander Rohde
Teamleiter Softwareentwicklung, AMC Holding Group

quotemarkAs our core competency at medavis lies in the development with traditional languages such as Java, Vaadin offers us the great opportunity to actively shape the transformation of the IT healthcare sector from traditional to web-based applications in a leading role without having the burden of building up teams of web and UX experts. As building web frontends with Vaadin is so easy we are furthermore able to focus on the critical parts like business logic and compliance. This leads to state-of-the-art web applications such as our portal4med or cockpit4med, which both look great regardless of the browser used and offer our customers the usual comprehensive range of functions.

Dr. Mathias Stümpert
Leiter R&D, medavis - Medizinische Informations Systeme GmbH


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