Vaadin TestBench

Automated testing tool for Vaadin

Vaadin TestBench is a tool built on Selenium2 and it is used for automated user interface testing of web applications on multiple platforms and browsers. Choosing a testing tool optimized for Vaadin UI testing and supported by Vaadin you can rely on having the best integration and forward compatibility with Vaadin framework. 

Streamlined testing process

Vaadin TestBench is designed to make creating and maintaining automated Vaadin UI tests easy.


Use Vaadin TestBench Recorder to record use cases.

Recorder GUI


Export your recordings into maintainable JUnit test or write them from scratch.

JUnit snippet


Run your UI tests locally or remotely at the press of a button.

Test setups


Based on your preference you may record new use cases or (re)write JUnit tests to keep your application test suite up-to-date with your code.


Redirect the report output to the html file or xml and use your own test report templates.

Screenshot comparisons helps analyzing the test results.

Screenshot failure

Performance matters

Vaadin TestBench can determine the execution times spent in client and server side components. By isolating external factors, such as network latency or testing grid load, you can set a low tolerance for your performance tests. This allows you to detect even the smallest changes in UI responsiveness. 

Tightly integrated with Vaadin

TestBench is deeply integrated with Vaadin. Vaadin specific selectors and API provides you the most convenient testing environment for testing Vaadin applications. Details like making sure that processing for the previous operation has finished before performing the next are taken care of.

TestBench can perform automatic tests on iOS and Android based touch devices when you need to test mobile Vaadin applications.

Screenshot comparison with masking

Automatic screenshot comparison allows you to ensure pixel perfect results. You can even choose which areas to compare by masking off areas that you do not care about.

Learn more

Vaadin TestBench manual
(PDF, 984KB).

Read blog post about testing mobile Vaadin applications.

Calculate how much your project budget would be affected if you used automated UI testing.

TestBench Benefits

Automate UI regression and acceptance testing

Ensure pixel perfect UI with screenshot comparison

Enables accurate Vaadin perfomance testing for testing business critical solutions

Allow QA team to record JUnit-tests directly in browsers

Support Test Driven Development on UI level

Execute tests in IDE, CI server or Cloud

Runnable tests can be used as documentation of use cases

Commercial support

Compatible with Vaadin 7 and Vaadin 6

Supported Browsers:

Supported browsers

iOS Android

TestBench Features


Based on Selenium 2

Vaadin integration

  • Vaadin WebDriver
  • Vaadin selectors
  • Intelligent AJAX support
  • Performance testing
  • Support for touch devices

Test Case Recorder GUI

Automated screenshot comparison

Full Maven support