JRebel and Vaadin


I work with Vaadin and maven jetty embedded plugin with scan interval parameter to reload changes.

I start to think about splitting my project into maven module and I think that jetty plugin can scan sub module so I would like to test JRebel.

Is it possible for JRebel to see change into submodule? What are differences between Jrebel and Vaadin Jrebel?



Not an expert on this, but see e.g.
this thread
on JRebel forum for generating a configuration including submodules. You can also always manually add all the source paths etc. if you prefer.

JRebel for Vaadin works with Vaadin applications and you get the license key through Vaadin Pro Account but it also keeps your other classes updated so you get all the benefits of the separate version of JRebel when working on a Vaadin application.