Generate a .exe from a vaadin project

I have developed a java project with the vaadin web framework and I want to know if it is possible to generate an .exe so that it acts as a desktop application. I have tried with different applications such as launch4j but none have worked for me and I can’t find a way to achieve it.

I have tried with different applications such as launch4j and electron

If you are Spring Boot, it has a repackage option which is really close to a full fledged exe. You only need java afterwards and “java -jar name.jar” to start the application. (Which could literally be done by a simple bash script)

How can I do that or where I can find documentation?
I am really new with this, I just know how to run the application through the IDE.
Thanks! #3

Thanks, I will try with this!

You’re of course going to need a browser still

And there is no way to simulate it as a desktop app?

for example, when I run it from google chrome it gives me the option to download some kind of desktop application. I want something similar to that.

Technically, there are embedded browsers out there, but I have no idea if they match the features of modern evergreen browsers that are the requirement for Vaadin apps.

Packaging a client-server web application into a desktop application really sounds like a bad approach to me. If you want a desktop application, use a framework designed for that.

and is there a way to at least create a shortcut and run it through the browser but from the desktop?
As I said I’m new with this and I only know how to run it through the IDE.

Yes: Installing Progressive Web Applications | Vaadin

With that I have managed to create a shortcut from which to access the application, but it only works while I have it running from the IDE. How could I make it always available on my localhost?
I’m sorry if these are stupid questions but I can’t find information or the way to do it.

You need a server. When you’re starting a Spring Boot application in the IDE, it starts an embedded web server: Spring Boot and Embedded Servers - Tomcat, Jetty and Undertow | Spring Boot Tutorial

You don’t need and IDE for that, you can also start it with Java from the command line