SQL Authentication

Hi! I’m trying to follow the guide on authentication using SQL (https://hilla.dev/docs/react/guides/security/spring-login)

The guide suggests overriding configure, but no such method seem to exist in VaadinWebSecurity.

  protected void configure(AuthenticationManagerBuilder auth) throws Exception {

What is the correct way to work around this issue?

Hi, you are right, that is definetly mistake in Hilla docs. Will create a issue for this.
As for what is the correct way of implementing auth with SQL -
If you need to provide users from DB then you can create new UserDetailsManager bean like here:

Thanks Kriss! I’ll look into that

If anyone runs in to this same problem in future, here’s the most important part that got me further:

        public void configureGlobal(AuthenticationManagerBuilder auth)
                        throws Exception {

I am having some issues too. I was trying to learn how to develop with Hilla.
I am making a Student Portal, and I have a Postgres Database and I was following the Docs, until I noticed that issue.

I set up my User Entity, and I also have a UserDetail Class which implements UserDetails from springboot security.

I also set up my CustomUserDetailService which implements UserDetailsService and allows me to use my repository to find users by Username and added the annotation @BrowserCallable.

In the security config I am using this as my DetailService as suggested above.

I am confused how to pass my service into Auth.ts file, as shown in the example (UserInfo and UserInfoService).

With my Service I get an error when Auth tries to access my Method to pass Authenticated user information from the Service.

The Documentation didn’t help me too much.
Sorry if it sounds silly, but it’s been couple of days that I can’t figure it out and looked at several docs around.

What kind of error you are getting?

It is an access denied error which comes from my custom user detail service implementing Spring Security UserDetailsService.

Do you still have the @PermitAll ?

You can also enable:
To see more detailed info for the the error
(in the application.properties)

I think it was @anonymousallowed. I’m trying to check with that now and change it accordingly.

It would be beneficial to know why exactly the “access denied error” is returned - is it something with Roles or is there another problem

I can confirm that the problem is solved by allowing @BrowserCallable and
@AnonymousAllowed and by using the UserInfo as per example.

Thank you for your help.