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The Vaadin platform has its core in open source and draws from the power of the community. It emphasizes developer productivity and end-user experience, so that you can concentrate on building your ERP and make sure your users love your app.

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For Companies: Benefits of using Vaadin in ERP apps

Increased Productivity

Vaadin offers a highly productive programming model for creating complex user interfaces. This is achieved through abstraction and ready-made components. For ERP systems this is extremely important as they tend to have hundreds of different user interface views. Being able to build UIs quickly has a tremendous impact on overall development velocity.

Vaadin provides a server-side Java API that is easy to use, and hides time consuming web development details from the developers. A developer doesn’t need to worry about client-server communication, HTML, CSS or JavaScript if he chooses to. Working in Java provides you with a higher abstraction level, type safety, and availability of all the existing tools that you are used to in Java.

Vaadin also has tools for fast view building and quality assurance. Vaadin Designer helps you build UI views visually with higher productivity, and Vaadin TestBench automates testing and helps you spending less time on hunting regressions.

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Productivity is skyrocketing. We are estimating in hours again, instead of days. I've seen my share of UI frameworks (Struts, JSF, GWT, etc.), but none comes close regarding productivity

Joram Barrez


From a management perspective, I was looking for a framework that boosts the team's productivity, is easy to learn and allows us to scale. In addition, I wanted quality, reliability, security, and professional support to augment our team. Vaadin delivers perfectly well on all these aspects.

Martin Suntinger


Business oriented UI Components

Vaadin comes with a wide range of high-quality business oriented UI components. These are excellent for data-centric applications and data visualization such as ERPs. With Vaadin, both backend and frontend developers can produce beautiful and easy-to-use user interfaces.

See the Vaadin components in action
See Vaadin Charts for data visualization

All communication between the server and the browser are handled over one secure connection. As a result, the exposed surface of your application is minimal, and only components made visible by the server can be affected from the client-side. Vaadin is widely used in various financial and banking applications due to its focus on security.

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Easy integration with other systems

Vaadin builds on Java on the server-side, the most widely used and proven ecosystem in enterprises. By writing most of your code in Java, you can easily integrate to other ERP systems, like Alfresco or SAP. You’ll have access to a wide range of Java libraries, database connectors, reporting tools, monitoring applications and load balancers and you don't need to build things yourself.

Warranty and Support

You can augment your team with the best Vaadin developers in the world at any stage of your project. Unlike other open source UI technologies, we're here for you from UI and UX design to development and all the way to maintenance. If you find a bug, just flag it and it will be fixed with a priority. Vaadin support and services will make sure that your project does not waver when you encounter problems.

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User experience

Great user experience is a must, even in internal ERP systems. Vaadin helps you create intuitive user interfaces that end-users will love. Low friction is a must in productive use of any app. Vaadin’s components are designed with usability in mind to ensure that even screen-readers work flawlessly in your app.

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For Developers: Benefits of using Vaadin in ERP apps

Automated communication between the server and the client

Vaadin takes care of the communication between the server and browser. This means you don’t have to build an API, REST points or interfaces between the two. You program and configure the views from the server side with a high-level Java API, and Vaadin takes care of the rest. For example, enabling true server-push is only a matter of configuration and doesn’t require any implementation.

Use Java for higher productivity and build most of your application fast. If you need higher control for styling, optimization or customization, you can build sections of your application HTML, JS and CSS if you so choose.

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Enables you to easily build good looking UI’s

Even if you are a backend developer with little inclination for designing UI’s, you can create a great user experience with Vaadin’s business-oriented UI components. You will have available a wide selection of UI components like Grid, ComboBox, and Charts, which work great with data-entry applications.

You are free to choose how your UI’s are built, whatever fits your needs. Vaadin UI’s can be server-driven, declarative, partly client-side or fully client-side. For maximal flexibility and control this decision can be made both on view and component level.

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