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Tab sheet extension

Tab sheet Extension

This addon extends the Vaadin 10 Tabs with a few additional features. This features may deprecate in future if the core provides similar functions.

Development instructions

Creating a common filter

The extension allows you to set a list of filterable components for a Tabs instance that should not fire a selection change event. With this feature you may add components, that the user can interact with and let them handle the selection manually.

String[] arrayOfTagNames = new String[] {"vaadin-button", "vaadin-text-field", ...};
TabsExtension.createFilterForTabs(tabs, arrayOfTagNames);

Disable tab selection via keyboard

This method is needed when you add writable components (like a text field) as part of you tabs or as a tab sheet component. Otherwise the tab sheet will select text matching tabs when you "type" the respective key.


Removing a modification

All TabExtension methods will return a Registration with that you may remove the changes from your element.

Registration registration = TabsExtension.createFilterForTabs(tabs, ...); // filter activated

registration.remove(); // after that call the filter will be deactivated

Closable tabs

The extension comes also with a implementation for closeable tabs. You may use them like other tabs, the only difference is, that the tab shows a close button, that will remove the tab from the tab sheet and handle the selection of a new tab.

You may style the tab as wanted. To style the button, just use the getButton() method of the tab.

CloseableTab closeableTab = new CloseableTab("Label");


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