GridFastNavigation-Compatibility Add-on | Vaadin

Version of the GridFastNavigation for Vaadin8 which includes V7 compatibility classes for migration

Use this version of the add-on if you are in process of migrating your Vaadin 7 application to Vaadin 8 which has used Vaadin 7 version of the GridFastNavigation add-on

The add-on contains two versions, FastNavigation which is compatible with vaadin.ui.Grid and v7.FastNavigation which is compatible with vaadin.ui.v7.Grid.

See all the features of the FastNavigation here


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StableReleased 10 March 2018Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 8.2+
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Release notes - Version 2.1.11

Version 2.1.11

  • First release
  • Feature parity with FastNavigation v2.1.10