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GridFastNavigation Add-on

Provides better keyboard handling and other enhancements in Grid's Unbuffered Editor mode for experienced Excel users. Vaadin 7 & 8 supported.




GridFastNavigation adds several features to the existing Grid unbuffered editor to make it more usable for Excel-style editing applications.

Features Vaadin 8:

  • Enter key can be configured to change column instead of a row
  • PgDown/PgUp supprt
  • Tab changes column, Grid can be browsed with cursor keys.
  • Typing text enables edit mode. (If you start typing with Delete key, the cell will be emptied first)
  • In ComboBox / DateField cursor down will open popup
  • The add-on supports TextField, PopupDateField, ComboBox and CheckBox in the edit fields of the editor.
  • RowEditEvent and CellEditEvent logic
  • Pressing Esc cancel edit and reset the value
  • Home/End key support: Home - first row, End - last row, Shift+Home - first column on first row, Shift+End last column on last row (can be disabled)
  • Server-side focus tracking events either on per-cell or per-row basis
  • Editor open/close events
  • DateFields now don't stop working after using up/down arrow navigation
  • Selecting text when opening editor can be enabled and disabled
  • Tab navigation skips disabled columns, selected columns can be disabled on editor opening.
  • Move with enter/shift+enter and tab/shift+tab as well as up/down arrow keys while editing
  • Allows user to start editing without first opening the editor
  • Open editor with single mouse click (configurable)
  • Optional mode to close editor and dispatch edit event when clicking outside of Grid
  • getItem() method in cell and row edit/focus, editor open events
  • setFocusedCell(row,col) method sets focused cell programmatically

Note, although idea is tempting to use this add-on to enable Grid's with large number of columns, the Grid's performance itself is good upto 20 or 40 columns depending on their content. If you need Excel-style editing with larger number of columns, I'll recommend to use Spreadsheet instead.

Notes for Vaadin 7 users:

  • Version 0.4.0 - 1.2.0 is compatible with 7.7.7 and newer. With older framework versions (7.6.0 to 7.7.6) you need to use 0.3.0, but it does not have all the features.
  • Vaadin 7 version has not been maintaned since version 1.2.0 and behind 2.5.1 in development


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Version 2.6.3

  • Fix editor column resizing in multiselect mode when horizontal scroll bar is present
Apache License 2.0


Vaadin 8.4+
Vaadin 8.2+ in 2.3.10
Vaadin 7.7 in 1.1.6
Vaadin 7.0+ in 1.1.5
Vaadin 8.0+ in 2.1.8
Vaadin 7.7+ in 1.2.0
Vaadin 7.6+ in 0.3.0
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge