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Integration of Full Calendar for the Vaadin Framework 14+

FullCalendar web component addon

This repository provides a Flow integration of the FullCalendar and the FullCalendar Scheduler for Vaadin Flow (14+). It is based on the latest version of the FullCalendar library 5.x.

Please also visit the homepage of the FullCalendar at https://fullcalendar.io/. They did a great job at building the foundation for this addons.

Migration guides, examples, release note details

Since the addon and it's related information grows and grows, we decided to move most of the relevant information to our repository's wiki. Here you'll find integration examples, migration guides, a feature list, etc. We strongly recommend to check it out :)


Authors of this addon

This addon is currently maintained by Carlo Zanocco and me. If you have any questions or issues, please use the GitHub repository issues page.

GitHub profile of Carlo: https://github.com/aetasoul

Scheduler license information:

Please be aware, that the FullCalender Scheduler library this addon is based on has a different license model then the basic FullCalendar. For details about the license, visit https://fullcalendar.io/license.

This addon does not provide any commercial license for the Scheduler. The license model of MIT does only affect the additional files of this addon, not the used original files.

Feedback and co.

If there are bugs or you need more features (and I'm not fast enough) feel free to contribute on GitHub. :) I'm also happy for feedback or suggestions about improvements.

Vaadin directory

You find the official maven releases at the Vaadin directory: Fullcalendar: https://vaadin.com/directory/component/full-calendar-flow Fullcalendar Scheduler: https://vaadin.com/directory/component/full-calendar-scheduler-flow/overview


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StableReleased 01 March 2022MIT License
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Vaadin platform 14+
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Release notes - Version 4.1.2

This bugfix version fixed

  • Extended generics for entry provider api in FullCalendar (#141)

Version 4.1.x introduces the EntryProvider interface, a data provider like callback based type, that allows lazy loading entries based on the actual displayed timespan.

For details, examples and a migration guide, please visit the release details for version 4.1.