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Bootstrap for Vaadin

This add-on helps the developer to use Bootstrap components in a Vaadin project.

It contains Java wrappers for:

  • Alerts
  • Badge
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Buttons
  • Button Group
  • Card
  • Collapse
  • NavBar
  • Listgroup
  • Form Layout
  • Responsive Grid Layout

Some common classes for layout:

  • Color
  • Spacing
  • Display
  • Borders

The add-on does not import any Bootstrap theme. You need to import a Bootstrap 4 theme in your Vaadin project to use the component. This will allow you to use the vanilla bootstrap theme or your own bootstrap theme.

The demo contains a "translation" of the official bootstrap documentation. It's still incomplete.

How to start

You can find a documentation to import your theme here:

And a minimal example with Spring Boot and Bootstrap 4.5 can be found here:


  • The Vaadin components are not styled. I recommend to use Lumo and change the default variables (like primary color,...). It's a long work to make a Vaadin theme that will work for all bootstrap theme.
  • The default input components don't have any Java API. Use Vaadin input instead.
  • This add-on does not provide anything related to Bootstrap add-on.
  • You can't use the Bootstrap CSS classes inside shadow DOM.


  • This add-on is great if you already have an application that already use bootstrap and you want the same layout.
  • You can use this add-on for layout (menubar, top, footer, responsive grid layout)
  • I don't recommend to use this add-on if you're not familiar with bootstrap or if you start a brand new application without specific requirements for the theme.


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Vaadin platform 14+
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Release notes - Version 1.0.0