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Easily visualize and interact with your REST API

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Easily visualize and interact with your REST API in your Vaadin project.

Status: Public Beta 🎉
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Technical structure

  • Swagger UI has been packaged as a web component using Lit (<lit-swagger-ui>)
  • Swagger Editor has be replicated using my own ace and <lit-swagger-ui> in a Vaadin SplitLayout

Future plans

Currently there is limited to none further functionality / customization besides setting the spec in <lit-swagger-ui> (which is sufficient in my current use case). If there is enough interest or some interesting use cases I am willing to maintain this Vaadin Add-on actively.
If you are missing some functionality or have a feature request please open a new issue.


Install the component using Vaadin Directory or by adding the swagger-*.jar from the latest release to your project.


MIT License © 2022 David Dodlek


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BetaReleased 29 June 2022MIT License
Framework Support
Vaadin platform 14
Vaadin platform 23
Browser Independent
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Release notes - Version 1.0.0-beta

1.0.0-beta (2022-06-29)


If you find this component usefull, I would really appreciate a rating here or a star on the GitHub Repository.

For Issues and Feature Requests please visit vaadin-swagger/issues on GitHub.