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Makes Vaadin and Spring eternally happy together

This add-on contains classes that add some missing "glue" between Vaadin and Spring. In addition, these classes help address the "scope mismatch" between Vaadin application scope and Spring web application context scope that leads to memory leaks when a Vaadin application closes.

Some key features included are:

  • A Spring application context for each Vaadin application
  • Autowiring of Vaadin and non-Vaadin beans
  • @VaadinConfigurable for autowire-on-construction
  • Helpers for background thread interaction with Vaadin application beans
  • A Spring scope that matches Vaadin application scope
  • Memory-leak free Vaadin listeners on non-Vaadin event sources
  • Several container and property helper classes
  • Auto-generation of container properties from annotations
  • Auto-generation of form fields from annotations


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StableReleased 28 January 2015Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 6.2+
Vaadin 7.1+
Browser Independent
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Release notes - Version 1.0.964

Version 1.0.964 Released January 28, 2015

- Make @FieldBuilder.ProvidesField search in super-types for annotated methods
- Fixed bug in MethodAnnotationScanner that allowed duplicate methods
- Added FieldLayout, BlobField, and StringValuePropertyDef