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Login form with auto-completion and auto-fill for modern browsers

Important note: This add-on has been merged into the Vaadin 7.7 core and com.vaadin.ui.LoginForm has been undeprecated.

Unlike the deprecated LoginForm in the Vaadin core (up to Vaadin 7.6), this add-on works for all major modern browsers and not only for Firefox. Also, it does not load special HTML in an iframe, but you can build your own UI in plain Vaadin, using the components provided by the add-on.

In technical terms, the add-on wraps the login UI in an HTML form element that submits a POST request to a dummy resource. The text field for user name and the password field have special attributes so that they are recognized by the password manager.

Browser support:

Firefox: Auto-completion and auto-fill (auto-fill since Firefox 26) Chrome: Auto-completion and auto-fill Safari: Auto-completion and auto-fill IE: Auto-completion for IE 11+, no extra functionality for IE10 and below

The lower version bounds for Firefox,Chrome and Safari are not known.

Even if a browser does not support auto-complete or auto-fill, the login form continues to works as a regular Vaadin form - just without the extra functionality provided by the add-on.

Note that Chrome triggers the password manager only once per loaded page. If you dismiss the password manager after a failed login and then login again, the password manager will not be triggered again unless you reload the page first. This is a characteristic of Chrome and not a limitation of this add-on.


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StableReleased 12 February 2016Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 7.3+
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Release notes - Version 0.6.2

Calling setInputPrompt on the password field breaks the functionality of the login form, so disable it from having any effect. The input prompt is not readable, so it does not make sense to use this feature in any case.