GridExtensionPack Add-on | Vaadin

Collection of useful features and extensions for Grid

Currently the GridExtensionPack contains following extensions:

  • ContextClickExtension
  • TableSelectionExtension
  • PagedContainer
  • SidebarMenuExtension
  • HeaderWrapExtension
  • CacheStrategyExtension
  • GridRefresher

ContextClickExtension prevents context clicks from opening the browser context menu, and fires server-side events on context clicks. This can be used together with ContextMenu add-on.

TableSelectionExtension brings Table-like multiselection. Currently supported modes are simple multiselect mode and Ctrl + click multiselect mode

GridExtensionPack also brings you PagedContainer, which can be used for paging. It has a clean PagingControls helper for actually doing the page changes. PagingControls fires events when page or page count changes, so you can easily keep your paging controls up to date.

SidebarMenuExtension provides a way to add custom menu entries to Grids sidebar menu, and execute your code when the entry is clicked.

See source code for demo.

This extension pack is developed on my spare time as a hobby. Any feature suggestion and issue is considered when I have the time.


Link to this version
StableReleased 03 May 2017Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 8.0+
Also supported:
Vaadin 7 (1.1.1)
Install with
Release notes - Version 2.0.0

Rewrite of GridExtensionPack for Vaadin 8

Contains most old features from the Vaadin 7 version. Some obsolete features have been dropped.

This version of GridExtensionPack does not contain compatibility versions of old extensions. These will be done later.