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Flow Viritin

The commons library for Vaadin 10+





  • 2.x series for Vaadin 24 (Maven central)
  • 1.7.1+ for Vaadin 23.3+ (distribution via Maven central, directory repository is not necessary needed, "coordinates": in.virit:viritin)
  • 0.9.0 for Vaadin 22+ (distribution via Maven central, directory repository is not necessary needed, "coordinates": in.virit:viritin)
  • 0.4.0 for Vaadin 14

Flow Viritin continues with the same mission as Viritin with earlier Vaadin version. Let's add small handy components and Java API extensions to put all Vaadin developers to Flow.

Current version is by no means a replacement for the old version, but contains already couple handy helper fields and some fluent APIs for build in components.

Current features:

  • Fluent API wrappers for vaadin-core components
  • LocalDateTimeField for editing LocalDateTime objects with Binder
  • BrowserCookie helper that works well with web sockets too
  • WebStorage helper to save data in the browsers localStorage or sessionStorage
  • UploadFileHandler for easy dynamic handling of files uploaded by users
  • ByteArrayUploadField to bind a file upload to byte[] with Binder
  • CommaSeparatedStringField to edit List with Binder
  • SubListSelector to pick a List from a large set of Ts with Binder (note, no re-ordering yet).
  • DeleteButton, shows confirm dialog and is styled so that one don't accidentally click it
  • DynamicFileDownloader for simple generation of dynamically generated file downloads
  • LocalDateTimeField to edit LocalDateTime (or the plain old java.util.Date using converter)
  • Tree component to visualise hierarchical structures
  • AbstractForm
  • EnumSelect
  • ElementCollectionField a field to edit e.g. List
    type structure
  • Complete access to browsers Geolocation API using a pure Java API
  • CustomLayout component (renders raw html superfast, while you can still place Vaadin components inside it)

TIP: Check the project out alongside your app project and create handy helpers directly to Viritin. Send in pull requests and join the effort!

Mirjan Merruko and Stefan Freude are so far the most active contributors to this great tool.


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Apache License 2.0


Vaadin 24
Vaadin 23 in 1.7.4
Vaadin 19+ in 0.9.0
Vaadin 21+ in 0.7.0
Vaadin 18+ in 0.5.0
Vaadin 14+ in 0.5.1
Vaadin 13+ in 0.8.1
Vaadin 10+ in 0.1.8