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Common functionality for Vaadin enterprise applications (CRUDs, reports, import/export data, scheduled jobs, audit logs)

**NOTICE: I'm no longer supporting this add-on. I've developed individual add-ons to replace it. See: Crud UI Add-on Report UI Add-on **

Enterprise App allows you to easily build CRUD-based Vaadin applications in minutes.

Easily integrate Hibernate, JasperReports and Quartz technologies in Vaadin applications.


  • Easy creation of CRUD (create, read, update and delete) interfaces for your JPA entities with filters for a

  • Full customization of CRUD components: Hide or show forms, tables and buttons as requiered.

  • No code generation. Enterprise App provides useful and powerful components that you can extend to meet your own requirements.

  • Open Source (https://github.com/alejandro-du/enterprise-app).

  • Easy creation of reports with export capabilities to many formats (including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, OpenOffice and CSV).

  • Easy configuration of audit logs for all actions performed by users on the database.

  • Automatic configuration and startup of Quartz for scheduled jobs excecution.

  • HQL Query browser component.

Visit http://enterpriseapp.alejandrodu.com for more information.


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Vaadin 6.8
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Release notes - Version 0.4.0