Css Grid Layout | Vaadin

Build flexible layouts of any kind with css grid

This addon allows the user to create responsive or static layouts by using the css grid API

It brings four new Layouts to Vaadin:

  • AreaLayout | Area based Layouts similar to a "Border Layout" but with areas of your choice
  • FlexibleGridLayout | Responsive grids without diving too deep into css grid
  • GridLayout | Straight forward implementation of css grid (not yet super complete). I recommend reading some css-grid documentation before starting with this. Probably also has some API issues etc.
  • FluentGridLayout | The Fluent version of GridLayout

On the first sight most of the layouts seem pretty different, but they all inherit from the GridLayout. This is due to css grid being a complex but also a powerful tool which may be used for a lot of use cases. The first two layouts are meant for two specific cases, to make the entry easier for beginners.

Samples can be found in the demo
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Note: This addon is and will not be compatible with Internet Explorer


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Vaadin platform 14+
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Release notes - Version 2.0.0
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