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Calendar Component for Vaadin 8

####Version 2.0

  • Java8 Date/Time
  • Extended with convenience methods to set day, week or month
  • Month view has forward and backward controls now
  • Advanced styling features for times and days in the month view
  • More vaadin 8 conform
  • Bug-Fixes

####Changes See the README on GitHub for Changes.


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StableReleased 13 November 2020Apache License 2.0
Framework Support
Vaadin 8.0+
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Release notes - Version 2.0.2

Version 2.0.2

  • Change: [Issue#48] Fix Vaadin 8.12 listener deprecations (by evanzel)
  • Update: [Issue#47] Update JUnit to 8.13.1
  • Enhanced: [Issue#44] Month view : Add possibility to set the minimum number of days in the first week (by voltor)
  • Fix: [Issue#39] Fix time zones (by neovmt)