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BrowserStorage allows access to the LocalStorage and SessionStorage objects of your user's browser from server-side Vaadin code

Vaadin BrowserStorage Add-on

Adds server-side logic and a JavaScript file to allow usage of local and session storage on the client's browser from server-side Vaadin code.

This add-on should be forward-compatible up to Vaadin 23.


The API for SessionStorage and LocalStorage are identical, and have been mapped to the Storage object API as returning completable futures, with the addition of a "contains key" function to potentially save on bandwidth, as follows:

CompletableFuture<Boolean> containsKey(String key);
CompletableFuture<String> getItem(String key);
CompletableFuture<Boolean> setItem(String key, String value);
CompletableFuture<Boolean> removeItem(String key);
CompletableFuture<Boolean> clear();

The returned boolean for setItem, removeItem and clear can safely be ignored for now; it is reserved for future use.

To access SessionStorage or LocalStorage, create an instance of them:

LocalStorage localStorage = new LocalStorage();
localStorage.setItem("foo", "bar");

Because the objects need to bind to a specific UI. In complex codebases, you may want to use the explicit constructor:

UI myUI = UI.getCurrent();
LocalStorage localStorage = new LocalStorage(myUI);
localStorage.setItem("foo", "bar");

The above examples are equivalent - the default constructor uses UI.getCurrent() internally to store a UI reference.


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