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Input field to hold valid HIPAA compliant NPI number.

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<hipaa-npi-number-input> is a single-line text field to hold valid HIPAA compliant NPI number.

<hipaa-npi-number-input label="Input label"></hipaa-npi-number-input>

It includes an optional label,error message,invalid,autovalidate and required attributes.

<hipaa-npi-number-input label="Input label"></hipaa-npi-number-input>
<hipaa-npi-number-input error-message="Invalid input!"></hipaa-npi-number-input>
<hipaa-npi-number-input invalid="boolean value"></hipaa-npi-number-input>
<hipaa-npi-number-input autoValidate="boolean value"></hipaa-npi-number-input>
<hipaa-npi-number-input required="boolean value"></hipaa-npi-number-input>

NPI Numbers Validation

A NPI number (NPI Registration Number) is a number assigned to a health care provider.

A valid NPI number consists of: 9 numbers, & last 1 check digit.

The last Number : NPI numbers can be verified by using the last number, which is known as the Check Digit.

Right Format NPI Number example: 1245319599 .

Wrong Format NPI Number : 1231231231.

Listening for input changes

By default, it listens for changes on the bind-value attribute on its children nodes and perform tasks such as auto-validating and label styling when the bind-value changes.


If the auto-validate attribute is set, element validates the input whether it is HIPAA compliant NPI number and update the label styling when the input value changes.


Licensed under Apache 2.0.


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  • PolymerElements/paper-input#^1.1.20
  • PolymerElements/iron-input#^1.0.10
  • PolymerElements/iron-form-element-behavior#^1.0.6