Data Entry demo apps

See how our data entry components help you build a better user experience.

Try the demo View source in GitHub

Invoice Editor demo

  • Rich Text Editor lets you add invoice descriptions with rich text content and even images uploaded straight from the editor.
  • Grid Pro allows inline editing with full keyboard support. Focus or double-click a cell to start editing. Move between cells with arrow keys. Accept or reject changes with Enter and Esc respectively.
  • With the compact preset of the Lumo theme, you have more data visible on the screen without sacrificing the readability.

Try the demo View source in GitHub

Customer CRUD demo

  • Shows the CRUD component with a Grid and an edit action column. The custom form has data binding to the input fields.
  • Intuitive and consistent UX for the CRUD operations including prompting a user confirmation on destructive actions.
  • Captions created with the CRUD helpers support internationalization (i18n).