Vaadin CLI

May 2, 2019

A Command Line Interface (CLI) for creating new Vaadin projects.

Creating a new project

  1. Install Node from if you do not have it installed

  2. Go to the folder where you want to create a project (a sub directory is created) and run

npx @vaadin/cli init my-project
# my-project is the project name and the folder to create
  1. Start the project as

cd my-project
mvn spring-boot:run
  1. Open http://localhost:8080 to view the application

Testing pre-releases

If you want to create a project using the latest pre-release, add --pre to the command, e.g.

npx @vaadin/cli init --pre my-project

Choosing the technology stack

By default, a Spring Boot project is created.

To create a plain Java project, use

npx @vaadin/cli init --tech plain-java my-project

To create a JavaEE project, use

npx @vaadin/cli init --tech javaee my-project


Do you find this approach useful? What features would you like to see? Comment below and we will improve the tool!


This project is experimental and you probably should not use it in production application. Vaadin does not give any warranty, support or guarantees of applicability, usefulness, availability, security, functionality, performance etc.