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Polymer and Sass custom styles/mixins for applying D2L typography




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A set of Polymer and Sass mixins for applying D2L typography.

For further information on this and other components, refer to The Brightspace UI Guide.


d2l-typography can be installed from Bower:

bower install d2l-typography

Typography Styles

The following typography styles are available for use in your application:

Standard Body

"Standard Body" can be used to apply base font properties, but will also respond to viewport width changes.

screenshot of standard text

Compact Body

Compact body is a smaller version of the standard body style, for use in areas that prefer to be conservative with the amount of real estate used by text.

screenshot of compact text

The compact style is not recommended for blocks of readable text, particularly in paragraph form. Rather, it is best employed for brief informative text or calls to action.

Small Body

Never used by itself; always in support of another piece of content on the page. Used for inline assistive text in forms, and for specifying metadata or properties of an existing piece of content.

screenshot of small text

Label Text

Used for labels. Its font size/line spacing is relative to the root font and respond to viewport width changes.

screenshot of small text


There are four available heading styles. These would typically be applied to the <h1>, <h2>, <h3> and <h4> HTML elements, though it's not a requirement.

screenshot of headings


Typography fonts and styles can be applied using either Polymer or Sass mixins. Which one you use depends on your technology stack and comfort with each, however since Sass compiles to native CSS it's more performant.


Import the main d2l-typography.scss file into your application's Sass. Then call the d2l-typography-font-face() mixin to define the web fonts and apply the d2l-typography() mixin to your <body> element:

@import 'bower_components/d2l-typography/d2l-typography.scss';

@include d2l-typography-font-face();

body {
    @include d2l-typography();

Mixins are also available for standard body, compact body, small body and heading styles:

.standard {
    @include d2l-body-standard();

.compact {
    @include d2l-body-compact();

.small {
    @include d2l-body-small();

.label {
    @include d2l-label-text();

h1 {
    @include d2l-heading-1();
h2 {
    @include d2l-heading-2();
h3 {
    @include d2l-heading-3();
h4 {
    @include d2l-heading-4();


Include the webcomponents.js "lite" polyfill (for browsers who don't natively support web components), import d2l-typography.html, and include d2l-typography in a custom style block:

    <script src="../webcomponentsjs/webcomponents-lite.js"></script>
    <link rel="import" href="../d2l-typography/d2l-typography.html">
    <custom-style include="d2l-typography">
        <style is="custom-style" include="d2l-typography"></style>

The d2l-typography class can be used to set base font properties, typically applied to the <body> element.

<body class="d2l-typography">

Additional CSS classes are available for standard body, compact body, small body and headings:

<!-- standard body -->
<div class="d2l-body-standard">
<!-- small body -->
<div class="d2l-body-small">
<!-- label text -->
<label class="d2l-label-text">Lorem Ipsum</label>

<!-- compact body -->
<div class="d2l-body-compact">
<!-- headings -->
<h1 class="d2l-heading-1">...</h1>
<h2 class="d2l-heading-2">...</h2>
<h3 class="d2l-heading-3">...</h3>
<h4 class="d2l-heading-4">...</h4>

Responsive Breakpoint

The fonts for headings, standard body, and compact body will all be styled to be smaller at a responsive breakpoint, defined as when the viewport width is 615px or smaller.

Note About Font Size

Normally within Brightspace, the user-configured base font size will automatically be present, and requires no additional work to opt-in. However, if your application exists outside of Brightspace, you should set your desired font size on the <html> element. The default recommended size is 20px:

html {
    font-size: 20px;

Coding styles

See the Best Practices & Style Guide for information on naming conventions, plus information about the EditorConfig rules used in this repo.


Commits and PR merges to master will automatically do a minor version bump which will:

  • Update the version in package.json
  • Add a tag matching the new version
  • Create a github release matching the new version

By using either [increment major] or [increment patch] notation inside your merge message, you can overwrite the default version upgrade of minor to the position of your choice.


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  • polymer#1 - 2
  • d2l-colors#^3.1.2
Apache License 2.0


Polymer 2.0+
Polymer 1.0+ in 5.5.0
Browser Independent