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Installing in IntelliJ IDEA

Installing IntelliJ IDEA and Vaadin Designer

Install IntelliJ IDEA as described in "Installing IntelliJ IDEA".

Vaadin Designer is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 15 and later, both Community and Ultimate Editions.

To install Vaadin Designer in IntelliJ IDEA:

  1. Open IntelliJ IDEA.

  2. Choose IntelliJ IDEA > Preferences > Plugins in macOS, or File > Settings > Plugins in Windows and Linux.

  3. Click Browse Repositories…​

  4. Search for Vaadin Designer

  5. Select Vaadin Designer and click Install

  6. Restart IntelliJ IDEA to activate the plugin.


Follow these steps if you want to remove Vaadin Designer from your IntelliJ IDEA installation:

  1. Go to IntelliJ IDEA  Preferences  Plugins in macOS, or File  Settings  Plugins in Windows and Linux.

  2. Select Vaadin Designer from the list

  3. Click Uninstall