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OptionGroup is a selection component that allows selection from a group of radio buttons in single selection mode. In multiple selection mode, the items show up as check boxes. The common selection component features are described in "Selection Components".

Option Button Group in Single and Multiple Selection Mode

Option group is by default in single selection mode. Multiple selection is enabled with setMultiSelect().

// A single-select radio button group
OptionGroup single = new OptionGroup("Single Selection");
single.addItems("Single", "Sola", "Yksi");

// A multi-select check box group
OptionGroup multi = new OptionGroup("Multiple Selection");
multi.addItems("Many", "Muchos", "Monta");

Option Button Group in Single and Multiple Selection Mode shows the OptionGroup in both single and multiple selection mode.

You can also create check boxes individually using the CheckBox class, as described in "CheckBox". The advantages of the OptionGroup component are that as it maintains the individual check box objects, you can get an array of the currently selected items easily, and that you can easily change the appearance of a single component.

Disabling Items

You can disable individual items in an OptionGroup with setItemEnabled(). The user can not select or deselect disabled items in multi-select mode, but in single-select mode the use can change the selection from a disabled to an enabled item. The selections can be changed programmatically regardless of whether an item is enabled or disabled. You can find out whether an item is enabled with isItemEnabled().

The setItemEnabled() identifies the item to be disabled by its item ID.

// Have an option group with some items
OptionGroup group = new OptionGroup("My Disabled Group");
group.addItems("One", "Two", "Three");

// Disable one item by its item ID
group.setItemEnabled("Two", false);

The item IDs are also used for the captions in this example. The result is shown in OptionGroup with a Disabled Item.

OptionGroup with a Disabled Item

Setting an item as disabled turns on the v-disabled style for it.

CSS Style Rules

.v-select-optiongroup {}
  .v-select-option.v-checkbox {}
  .v-select-option.v-radiobutton {}

The v-select-optiongroup is the overall style for the component. Each check box will have the v-checkbox style, borrowed from the CheckBox component, and each radio button the v-radiobutton style. Both the radio buttons and check boxes will also have the v-select-option style that allows styling regardless of the option type. Disabled items have additionally the v-disabled style.

Horizontal Layout

The options are normally laid out vertically. You can use horizontal layout by setting display: inline-block for the options. The nowrap setting for the overall element prevents wrapping if there is not enough horizontal space in the layout, or if the horizontal width is undefined.

/* Lay the options horizontally */
.v-select-optiongroup-horizontal .v-select-option {
    display: inline-block;

/* Avoid wrapping if the layout is too tight */
.v-select-optiongroup-horizontal {
    white-space: nowrap;

/* Some extra spacing is needed */
  .v-select-option.v-radiobutton {
    padding-right: 10px;

Use of the above rules requires setting a custom horizontal style name for the component. The result is shown in Horizontal OptionGroup.

Horizontal OptionGroup