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TestBench 4 to TestBench 5 Migration Guide


Vaadin TestBench 5 is intended to test Vaadin Framework 8 applications.

Vaadin TestBench 5 is API compatible with Vaadin TestBench 4.x, and can thus be used as a drop-in replacement for any 4.x version provided the tested project has been migrated to Vaadin Framework 8, see Vaadin Framework 8 migration guide. The exceptions to this rule are listed in the API changes section below.

API Changes in TestBench 5

  • CheckBoxGroupElement added to test CheckBoxGroup Component

  • RadioButtonGroupElement added to test RadioButtonGroup Component

Testing Deprecated Vaadin Components

Vaadin Framework 8 provides an optional dependency that includes compatibility components to facilitate the migration between versions 7 and 8.

Compatibility Only Components

Some components only exist in com.vaadin.v7.ui compatibility package like:

  • Table

  • Tree

  • TreeTable

  • Form

  • PopupDateField

  • Calendar

  • OptionGroup

  • ProgressIndicator

  • Select

Such components and their corresponding TestBenchElement have been deprecated but can still be used and tested.

Compatibility and Vaadin 8 Components

Other components exist in both com.vaadin.v7.ui and com.vaadin.ui packages. In these cases the same TestBenchElement can be used to test either version.

One example of this is NativeSelectElement that can be used to test both com.vaadin.v7.ui NativeSelect and com.vaadin.ui NativeSelect

Changes in dependency


Selenium version was upgraded to 3.0.1. TestBench 5 should still work with older (Selenium 2 / TestBench 4 based) test clusters.