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Installing Vaadin TouchKit

You can download and install TouchKit from Vaadin Directory at as an installation package, or get it with Maven or Ivy. If your project is not compatible with the AGPL license, you can purchase CVAL licenses from Vaadin Directory or subscribe to the Pro Tools package at

Add-on installation is described in detail in "Using Vaadin Add-ons". The add-on includes a widget set, so you need to compile the widget set for your project.

Installing as Ivy Dependency

If you use the add-on in an Eclipse project created with the Vaadin Plugin for Eclipse, you can define an Ivy dependency to automatically download the library. Include the following declaration inside the dependencies section in the ivy.xml:

<dependency org="com.vaadin.addon"
            conf="default->default" />

You can use latest.release revision tag to always use the latest release or specify a version by its version number. IvyDE should resolve the dependency immediately as you save the file. See "Installing Add-ons in Eclipse with Ivy" for further details.

Defining the Maven Dependency

You can install Vaadin TouchKit in a Maven project by adding it as a dependency, as described below, or by using the Maven archetype, as described in "Using the Maven Archetype".

To use TouchKit in a Vaadin project, you need to include the following dependency in the POM. The artifactId should be vaadin-touchkit-agpl or vaadin-touchkit-cval, depending on which license suits your project requirements.


You can use the LATEST version as shown above or a specific version by its version number.

You also need to define the repository for the Vaadin add-ons under the <repositories> element:


Finally, you need to enable the widget set compilation in the POM, as described in "Enabling Widget Set Compilation", and compile it.

Installing the Zip Package

Vaadin TouchKit is distributed as a Zip package that contains the TouchKit JAR, a JavaDoc JAR, license texts, and other documentation. You can download the Zip package from Vaadin Directory. A different package is provided for each of the two licenses, and Directory asks for your choice.

The TouchKit JAR in the package should be put in the WEB-INF/lib folder of the web application.

Please see the README.html for more information about the package contents.