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Importing the Parking Demo

The Parking Demo, illustrated in "The Parking Demo for Vaadin TouchKit" in the overview, showcases most of the functionality in Vaadin TouchKit. You can try out the demo online with a TouchKit-compatible browser at

You can browse the sources on-line or, more conveniently, import the project in Eclipse (or other IDE). As the project is Maven-based, Eclipse users need to install the m2e plugin to be able to import Maven projects, as well as EGit to be able to import Git repositories. Once they are installed, you should be able to import Parking Demo as follows.

  1. Select File  Import

  2. Select Maven  Check out Maven Project from SCM, and click Next.

  3. You may need to install the EGit SCM connector if you have not done so previously. If Git is not available in the SCM list, click m2e marketplace, select the EGit connector, and click Finish. You need to restart Eclipse and redo the earlier steps above.

    Instead of using m2e EGit connector, you can also check out the project with another Git tool and then import it in Eclipse as a Maven project.

  4. In SCM URL, select git and enter the repository URL

  5. Click Finish.

  6. Compile the widget set either by clicking Compile Widgetset in the Eclipse toolbar or by running the vaadin:compile goal with Maven.

  7. Deploy the application to a server. See "Setting Up and Starting the Web Server" for instructions for deploying in Eclipse.

  8. Open the URL http://localhost:8080/parking with a mobile device or a WebKit-compatible browser, such as Safari or Chrome, to run the Parking Demo.