Documentation versions (currently viewingVaadin 8)

Vaadin 8 reached End of Life on February 21, 2022. Discover how to make your Vaadin 8 app futureproof →

Running, building and packaging.

Running the first time

After downloading and extracting the zip package, it is recommended to run the software once and see that it is working.

To start the Spring version, run mvn spring-boot:run from the terminal or your IDE.

To start the JavaEE version, run mvn wildfly:run from the terminal or your IDE.

Building the package

To build the project, the standard mvn install command can be used. This will produce a deployable, self containing jar in the target package

Running integration tests

Integration tests are run with the mvn verify -Pit command.

UI tests can take a while to run, so the integration tests are in a separate it profile, to provide a little bit more flexibility.