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Licensing and Pricing Model

Collaboration Engine is licensed under the Commercial Vaadin Runtime License (CVRL). You can try Collaboration Engine out and develop applications with it without charge. When you take your application to production, you need a valid license file. To get started, follow the Quick Start Guide to learn about adding Collaboration Engine to your Vaadin application, and using its high-level APIs.

While your application is in development mode, you can use all the features of Collaboration Engine without restrictions. You do not need a development license or a separate trial. Development mode is the default mode of a Vaadin application and is used when not explicitly configured to do a production build.

Billing Model

Collaboration Engine is billed at run-time, based on the number of unique users per month using collaboration features in an application.

To take an application using Collaboration Engine into production, there are two options:

  • Free "Universal" License

  • Commercial License

Free "Universal" License

The "Universal" License is free for all Vaadin developers. It allows up to 20 unique users in a Vaadin application to use features that rely on Collaboration Engine each month. Developers do not require a commercial Vaadin subscription (Pro, Prime, or Enterprise) to use this license. To download this license, visit the "When you take your application to production" section of the documentation.

Commercial License

This license requires an active commercial Vaadin subscription (Pro, Prime, or Enterprise). Each commercial Vaadin subscription is entitled to a bundled quota of users.

  • Pro subscribers get 50 bundled users per month.

  • Prime subscribers get 150 bundled users per month.

  • Enterprise subscribers can negotiate a custom quota.

A starting package of 500 users per month can be purchased without the need of another commercial subscription. Custom bundles are also possible.

If you already have a commercial Vaadin subscription, please contact our team to request a license. Otherwise, please visit the pricing page to purchase a commercial Vaadin subscription.