Vaadin Flow

Vaadin Flow is a new Java web framework for building modern web apps and websites. It is part of the Vaadin Platform and a successor for the Vaadin Framework bringing Web Component support to Java users. Flow allows developers to be super productive by creating UIs in Java or by using HTML Templates for composing the UI and binding it to any backend using Java.

The power of Vaadin Flow comes from the following concepts:

  • A set of beautiful UI components build with focus on end-user and developer experience

  • Powerful abstraction layers for easily building your own reusable UI components with either Java or HTML templates

  • Data Binding API for connecting the UI components to any backend using type safe Java

  • Router API for easily creating hierarchical page structures for the user to navigate

This is the documentation for Vaadin Flow. It is divided into the following subsections in recommended reading order.

Router and Navigation

Router is a core concept in Vaadin Flow, enabling Navigation for your website or web app. It is based on HTML5 History API, and makes it possible for the user to navigate pages back and forward, and keep the page state intact. The following tutorials explain how to use the Router: