Observable Vaadin events

The add-on publishes many Vaadin events to CDI. You don’t have to register a listener, just use an observer to handle these:

  • ServiceInitEvent See VaadinServiceInitListener for details.

  • PollEvent

  • BeforeEnterEvent

  • BeforeLeaveEvent

  • AfterNavigationEvent See Navigation Lifecycle for details about navigation events.

  • UIInitEvent See UIInitListener for details.

  • SessionInitEvent

  • SessionDestroyEvent

  • ServiceDestroyEvent

    During application shutdown it is implementation specific, whether ServiceDestroyEvent works with CDI or not.

An example of a bootstrap page customizer:

public class BootstrapCustomizer {

    private void onServiceInit(@Observes ServiceInitEvent serviceInitEvent) {

    private void modifyBootstrapPage(BootstrapPageResponse response) {
                "<p>By CDI add-on</p>");