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Installing Vaadin Charts

As with most Vaadin add-ons, you can install Vaadin Charts as a Maven or Ivy dependency in your project, or from an installation package. For general instructions on installing add-ons, please see "Using Vaadin Add-ons".

Vaadin Charts requires Vaadin 7.4 or later.

Using Vaadin Charts requires a license key, which you must install before compiling the widget set. The widget set must be compiled after setting up the dependency or library JARs.

For instructions on installing a license key, see "Installing Commercial Vaadin Add-on License".

Maven Dependency

The Maven dependency for Vaadin Charts is as follows:


You also need to define the Vaadin add-ons repository if not already defined:


Ivy Dependency

The Ivy dependency, to be defined in ivy.xml, would be as follows:

<dependency org="com.vaadin" name="vaadin-charts"
            rev="3.2.0" />

It is generally recommended to use a fixed version number, but you can also use latest.release to get the latest release.