Vaadin 8

How is the roadmap of Vaadin in the future ?

Hallo Nengah,

you can find this here:

Anything else is not yet revealed, unless… see attachment.




thanks for your response

yes, I think Vaadin core team focus on Vaadin Element, there is also new Vaadin-Combo-Box build on polymer as Vaadin-grid was build. with the new addon for Vaadin-Element and also vaangular addon, is this the baby of Vaadin 8 ?
is this similar with Vaadin 6 when push is started also as an addon ? I do believe Vaadin guy don’t wanna to declare anything about it if there are not ready yet.

I had experiemen using vaadin inside cordova, hmmm… I was facing many problem, maybe vaadin is not right to merry with cordova or my skill is far than enough.


Hi Nengah,

yes it’s right, we cannot comment on anything that’s not yet there.

As for your completely OT matter about Cordova, I did not have a problem with simply
using Cordova and an index.html page that simply “reloads”, i.e. points to the address for example.
Even works offline, once cached from one access to the running server.

HTH and best regards,

Sorry for OT about cordova, my problem mostly when I want to access the new plugin at cordova like GCM, etc.
may cause vaadin doc is not updated as well


Hi Nengah,

your best bet is to browse the Vaadin directory at
and see if there is an add-on for your needs, e.g. the one
wrapping the JS geolocation API.

To my knowledge, there is no full support for wrapping the Cordova/PhoneGap APIs yet.
If needed, we’re happy to assist with that: .

Also, if you take a closer look at you’ll find we will put
‘mobile’ into the focus of Vaadin 7.7 scheduled for early 2016. What exactly that means,
is not yet revealed…


Hi, I think it’s great that more sophisticated features are being considered for Vaadin 8.

However, I am pretty concerned that a certain fundamental feature is still not available and (unless I’m wrong) there is no work being done on this: right-to-left support.

You’ve gotta walk before you can run.

You’re very welcome to
to our code base, and we are open to discuss any
sponsored development

I worked in a Berlin digital TV company 15 years ago that went bankrupt – one of the reasons for that was that the investors frowned upon our mature (and in their eyes, unnecessary) RTL support-- and they decided we didn’t concentrate on the core business enough.


I had decided to use other in mobile after considering some of option.
IMO, Vaadin Element + polymer maybe become the mobile power of 7.7, interesting to see better approach on offline API and of couse interfacing with hardware like camera, gps, compas, contact as well as the OS features like CGM, APNS and others.