Vaadin Spring 1.0.0 release date

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Using the current version 1.0.0.beta3 of the official Vaadin Spring add-on (!addon/vaadin-spring
) I ran into a problem similar to one described on the project’s
GitHub issue tracker
. The issue seems to be fixed in the next release. I wondered if there already is a release date for the final 1.0.0 version?

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I am also interested when spring security will be included.

@vaadin Could you please provide information about the release date for the spring add-on or a new beta?


Hi. On the
it says the Spring 1.0 is due August. You can check the current work in progress from the
trac milestones
, which shows that there is still couple tickets open for the RC.

For Spring Security, as the discussion
states, it
be included at some point. But for now, the
addon (which is being migrated on top of the official Vaadin Spring Addon) should be used for Spring Security support.

Thanks for the information and clarification!

Thanks for the information, looking forward to the release candidate.