Vaadin Framework 8.0 is now available

The long wait is over and Vaadin Framework 8.0.0 is out. An olympiad passed since the last major release. Major releases makes us excited as only in those we can drop support for legacy technologies and make breaking API changes, boosting our development pace for the next minors as well.

Check out what’s new and what’s to come next from
the release blog post

If you find some “.0” release bugs, don’t hesitate to
create issues via GitHub
. We plan to push out first bugfix release pretty soon.

Will there be a Vaadin 8 online Sampler to see it in action? (or any other kind of demo)


The Sampler is already online, we are working on other demos. See e.g. Binder:



Hi! This is great news, congrats!

Does 8 bring something new to

  • responsive layout
  • rendering performance (e.g. with Table component)



Hi Harri,

Vaadin 8 does not directly bring in anything new for the responsive layouts. Same things a before should work fine. But, as we now dropped the support or legacy browsers, it should be easier to bring more advanced layouts to the core as well. Nothing fixed yet, but as the focus in 8.2 is planned to be mobile, there might be something new coming up there.

Don’t know your or your teams skills, but if you like to keep you hands away from CSS magic, I suggest to look into
this awesome add-on
. It brings you responsive grid system with plain Java API.

Rendering performance in Table is the same. Nothing changed there, all efford goes to Grid development ATM. I guess you are using components in Table? Grid will gain component support in 8.1, but I’d expect the performance characterics to be pretty similar.

Quick tips to optimize Table component’s rendering performance (you should get quite a big effect with these):

  • Ensure you don’t have relative sizes in components inside your Table
  • Hide obsolete columns
  • Configure row cache to be as small as possible.


Hi Matti,

I’ve tested responsive layout add-on and it works fine. One interesting option would be a layout component based on
Twitter Bootstrap grid system
. It’s disccussed in a
different thread

I’ve followed
these guidelines
to optimize Table rendering.

Best regards,


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