Vaadin and ArcGIS


Is there a way, plugin or otherwise to use
maps inside a Vaadin application ? If so, would features like zoom, drag n drop, overlaying clickable icons and such on the map be doable?



I haven’t heard of an add-on for ArcGIS, but after looking into it a bit, looks like the JavaScript API might be usable with Vaadin. It’s not a simple task especially if you want to include the entire API, but I don’t see why it couldn’t be done. That being said, I personally would start with looking at some of the existing mapping add-ons in the
- there’s at least a lot of community activity around the add-ons for Google Maps, Leaflet and OpenLayers.

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Thanks for you reply. Unfortunately ArcGIS is a requirement I have. While searching I found
this post
in the arcgis blog which shows basic usage of the AgsJWS (
ArcGIS Java Web Services
). Quoting from an other post on their blog:
“The AgsJWS is a pure Java Web Services API, based on JAXB, and is an excellent solution for building , connecting and integrating great geospatial analysis and visualization in your Java EE based solutions”. So I’m guessing this could be used in a vaadin application as an alternative to using the JS API?

Yeah, that could be, although if you do rendering on the server-side, you’ll need to compensate for that in the UI layer. For example zoom on mouse wheel or similar just won’t work well if there’s any network latency; client-side (JavaScript) will have better performance.


I came to think that if you have the sources available, it might also be possible to implement the same thing in GWT, but that’ll pose a different set of restrictions. Most obviously communication between client and server might need quite a lot of thinking.


I think I will start by trying out the OpenLayers3 plugin with a StaticImageSource that I will download from the AgsJWS. It is an intranet application so there shouldn’t be too much latency. Do you see any issue with this setup (besides delays in case of excessive latency)?

OpenLayers3 is pretty commonly used (more than 5500 downloads on the add-on), so it should be good to build on. If it’s intranet only, you should get a decent idea on the performance just by building a quick prototype and testing it locally.


Hey Olli, 3 weeks later I just realized that the OpenLayers3 plugin does not work with vaadin 8. But I have found the V-Leaflet plugin which works with vaadin 8, and ArcGIS seems to already have
some tools
to make it work in leaflet. Also their examples show
basemaps usage with Leaflet
. Is there no record of the V-Leaflet addon being used with arcgis services ? Thanks

Not to my knowledge, but then, if there is some existing Leaflet tooling for ArcGIS, that sounds like a natural way to go.

Additionally, I’m sure OpenLayers3 could be ported to Vaadin 8 with a bit of effort (might be as little as a recompilation with the new Vaadin version).

Hey Lucas. I have the same requirement now and I want to use ArcGis in Vaadin. so I was wondering how you got by that.

It’s a pity not to have an integration with ArcGIS.
The google maps plugin is fine, but it’s the basics, for example heat maps is not possible.
It seems that there is no Vaadin’s interest in facilitating these things, which are so necessary for the modern applications of our times.

If heat maps are what you want, you can use v-leaflet-heat for that:

Map of heat is just an example, arcGis is a complete mapping platform it is world reference in GEO application for various areas.
Google maps and v-leaflet-heat are for simple use.