TreeTable Performance

We are using Vaadin 7.6.8 and we find that the TreeTable refresh takes a huge amount of time to load. There are instances where we need to refresh the table and that takes a good load of time.

The TreeTable we have has about 15 columns and there are few columns that constitute of Buttons + Labels.

We are seeing that the performance is good if that exact same data were to be rendered in a Grid, but then we are compromising on the hierarchical layout of specific data.

So, wanted to check if there are any plans of fixing the TreeTable performance OR if there are any alternatives of displaying hierarchical information in higher versions of Vaadin.

For Vaadin 7, there’s the
TreeGrid add-on
. In
Vaadin 8.1 (currently in beta)
, there’s also the built-in TreeGrid.

Hope this helps,